Don’t be left stranded with a flat tyre

Don't be left stranded with a flat tyre

Punctures are inconvenient and its potentially dangerous to repair or replace a tyre on the side of the road, not to mention a frustrating addition to your car’s maintenance bill. They’re something every driver has to live with though, so it’s good to know what to do if you’re unlucky enough to experience one.

Fixing a puncture at the roadside is dangerous and many newer car models do not even come with a spare or space saver tyre. The Tyreweld emergency puncture repair system reseals and reinflates tyres in seconds to get you back on the road in minutes, reducing the risk and hassle caused by punctures.

Tyreweld is so easy to use and will get you back on the road without having to even touching a wheel nut. No tools or jack needed. It’s easy to use, twist-and-go mechanism allows you to attach Tyreweld to the tyre valve and let it reinflate the tyre. Shake the can before use and screw the connector to the tyre valve. Tear off red security tab and turn the button to the ON position. Then simply leave the can to empty out fully into the tyre. Close the tyre valve and drive slowly to your nearest tyre fitment centre or workshop to have your tyre assessed and repaired.

Unlike competitor products, Tyreweld can be easily washed out of the tyre so that it can be repaired as normal. Tyreweld’s non-toxic formula does not damage tyres and wipes out easily after it has repaired a tyre.

Follow this YouTube link to see how easy it is to use Holts Tyreweld is an essential tool to keep in your car for when punctures strike, providing a quick fix before allowing you to find a permanent solution at a more convenient location.

Tyres come in various sizes depending on the size of your vehicle and Tyreweld caters to this with their 3 size variants:

  • Small/300ml suitable for small tyres up to 14″
  • Medium/400ml suitable for medium tyres up to 16″
  • Large/500ml suitable for large tyres over 16″

Don’t be caught on the side of the road with a flat again. Keep a can of Tyreweld handy for your emergency puncture repair. Holts, problem solved!