Keep your car sparkling even during a drought

Holts Water Saving Tips

For people living in drought stricken areas, the all consuming need to ration your water usage and discovering creative ways to re-use water has become conversation points everywhere you go, at the supermarket, the office, the gym etc. You’ve sacrificed your green lawn, saved a few of your favourite plants by watering them with grey water from washing your dishes, even poor Fido has gone a few months without a bath.

Its hard work saving water and you deserve a treat, like driving a clean, shiny car. You can have your car look like new whilst making every drop of water count with Holts range of car care products. Holts Car Care Kit contains five specialist cleaning products to remove dirt buildup and revive dull paintwork to a mirror shine finish whilst using water sparingly.

Water saving car wash tips:

  • Don’t despair, you can use air! We recommend using an air compressor to blow off dust and surface dirt on the vehicle eliminating the need to rinse the vehicle before washing.
  • If an air compressor is not available, wipe down the vehicle using microfiber cloths. Start from the roof and work your way down the vehicle, section by section. The microfiber cloth will lift any dust and light debris off the vehicle. Remember to use a clean section of the microfiber cloth as you wipe each new area to prevent scratching the car surface..
  • Once the surface dirt is removed, use the Holts Shampoo and Shine car wash to clean your vehicle. Our Holts Shampoo and Shine is biodegradable and a little goes a long way. 2-3 caps in 10LTs of recycled water in a bucket is all you need. Its advanced formula is tough on stubborn dirt, insects and bird residue and leaves a streak free mirror finish..
  • Always wash your vehicle in a shaded area. This prevents evaporation and stops water spots from forming..
  • Use a spray bottle or a bucket of grey water instead of a hose to rinse the vehicle. Dry the vehicle using a clean microfibre cloth, mutton cloth or chamois..
  • To keep your car clean and sparkling for longer, use our Holts High Gloss Wax to buff your vehicle to a brilliant shine and protect the paintwork from dirt sticking to the surface..

The Holts Car Care Kit – Everything you need in a bucket to keep your vehicle spick and span!